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  • TEMPORARY OFFICE CLOSURE TO FOOT TRAFFIC  Starting at 8 AM Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Our offices will not open for customer payment other than payment drop off at the mail slot.  Payment can also be made online or over the telephone.  This temporary closure is due to the Coronavirus Pandemic to assure our staff health so we can deliver the essential service of drinking water.
  • The District 's draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is available for review.  The draft LHMP can be downloaded directly at this link. You can also request a copy of the Plan or the appendices via email at sws@monitor.net.
  • The District Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan will be discussed at a Public Hearing on June 3, 2021 prior to Board approval.  The Public Hearing will be held during the June 3rd Board Meeting at 6:30 pm.  We invite public input.  The Draft UWMP and WSCP will also be discussed at our May 6th Board Meeting. The draft UWMP can be downloaded hereA copy of the UWMP can be picked up at the District Offices.
  • The District FY 2021-2022 Budget and Rates will be discussed at a Public Hearing on June 3, 2021, during the regular Board Meeting at 6:30 pm, prior to Board approval.  The draft Budget and Rate description can be downloaded here.
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The mission of the Sweetwater Springs Water District (SSWD) is to provide its customers with quality water and service (click here to see the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) in an open, accountable, and cost-effective manner and to manage District resources for the benefit of the community and environment.


The objective of the District is to provide water distribution and maintenance services to five townships adjacent to the Russian River:

  • Guerneville
  • Rio Nido
  • Guernewood Park
  • Villa Grande
  • Monte Rio

Water district area

Russian River Guerneville birdge

The District was formed on December 15, 1988, after a public vote under County Water District Law. As a result of a subsequent public election in November of 1990, the District acquired the existing water supply system from Citizens Utilities Company.

The District's water supply comes from wells near the River and the distribution facilities consist of two separate water systems: one in Guerneville with three wells and the other in Monte Rio with two wells.

The District's water distribution system is a result of water lines being installed over the last 100 years. Although the water system has been upgraded over the years, major upgrade construction projects have been taking place since SSWD acquired the water system.

Today, the Sweetwater Springs Water District serves approximately 3,600 accounts (95% residential) comprised of about 9,000 persons.

Email the District at: info@sweetwatersprings.com

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