Sweetwater Springs Water District

Board of Directors Meeting


July 21, 2008 SPECIAL Meeting

First American Title Company, 16316 Main Street, Ste. C

Guerneville, California

8:30 a.m.



NOTICE TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: It is the policy of the Sweetwater Springs Water District to offer its public programs, services and meetings in a manner that is readily accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Upon request made at least 48 hours in advance of the need for assistance, this Agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities. This notice is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (28 CFR, 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II).


Any person who has any questions concerning any agenda item may call the General Manager or Assistant Clerk of the Board to make inquiry concerning the nature of the item described on the agenda; copies of staff reports or other written documentation for each item of business are on file in the District Office and available for public inspection. All items listed are for Board discussion and action except for public comment items. In accordance with Section 5020.40 et seq. of the District Policies & Procedures, each speaker should limit their comments on any Agenda item to five (5) minutes or less. A maximum of twenty (20) minutes of public comment is allowed for each subject matter on the Agenda, unless the Board President allows additional time.


I. CALL TO ORDER (Est. time: 2 min.)


A.             Board members Present


B.             Board members Absent


C. Others in Attendance



II. PUBLIC COMMENT: The District invites public participation regarding the affairs of the District. This time is made available for members of the public to address the Board regarding matters which do not appear on the Agenda, but are related to business of the District. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the Board of Directors may not conduct discussions or take action on items presented under public comment. Board members may ask questions of a speaker for purposes of clarification.





A. Pursuant to Gov. Code Section 54957 Public Employment: General Manager: Oral Interviews (Est. time: 9 hours)