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Direct Install and Toilet Rebate Program

To our Customers:


Sonoma County Water Agency's Direct Install Program and Toilet Rebates up to $150 are available to all Sweetwater Springs Water District Customers.


For some time the Russian River Sanitation District (operated by the Sonoma County Water Agency) has provided a toilet direct install program and a toilet rebate of up to $150 program has been available to for its wastewater system customers, most of whom are also Sweetwater Springs Water District customers.   Sweetwater Springs Water District customers who were not connected to the sanitation system have had the $150 rebate available to them.  Recently, through agreement with the Sanitation District, the toilet direct install program is now available to all Sweetwater Springs Water District customers regardless of sanitation district connection.   The result is that now all Sweetwater Springs Water District customers will have access to a direct install or toilet rebate program.  


High efficiency toilets (HET), the toilets available for this program, use on average 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) or less.  HETs are available in different flush types: single-flush gravity fed (like a conventional toilet), single-flush pressure assist, and dual-flush in both gravity fed and pressure assist.  These toilets use 20% less water than the standard 1.6 gpf toilets and over 60% less water than the older, pre-1992 toilets that the program aims to replace.   


There are several rules to the program:


  • Your home must have been built before 1992.
  • The toilets you are replacing must flush at more than 1.6 gallons/flush.
  • If requesting a toilet rebate, your new toilet must be on the List of Qualifying Models.
  • If requesting a toilet rebate, you must properly dispose of your old toilets – a list of recycling facilities is available from the Water District.
  • Rebates cannot exceed the cost of the toilet.
  • Direct install toilets are selected by the installing plumber. 

Interested in the Direct Install Program?  Please apply through the Sonoma County Water Agency by clicking here.

Interested in the Toilet Rebate Program?  The full list of rules and requirements for the Toilet Rebate Program are included in the program application.  Links to the list of qualifying models and toilet recycling locations are also available on this website.             


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Sonoma County Water Agency's Direct Install Program


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Information/Application Form through Sweetwater Springs

Information/Application Form through Sonoma County Water Agency Efficiency Rebate Program

List of Qualifying Models

List of Toilet Recycling Locations

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